Queen has come back?

History says France and Love have too much in common, that´s why French Saint Valentine´s was meant to be interesting in regards to athletics.

Saint Valentine´s was related with traditional Pas de Calais Meeting hosted by Lievin City, which actually was witness of third Yelena Isinbayeva´s victory in current season, marked by the achievement of her best performance of the year and her attempt to return to her former performances.

Yelena Isinbayeva started when only the Cuban Yarisley Silva was in competition; it is actually a familiar situation for Russian star. She tried 4.71, a mark which is around her normal beginning height in this season. When she jumped in Volgogrado (January-21) she began on 4.70 while Bydgoszcz, Poland (February 8) saw her starting on 4.68. Casually, these were the only valid attempt in those both competitions, because she failed at both places jumping on 4.80.

Today, in Lievin, Yelena flew clearly over 4.71, after first failed attempt and even it was enough for winning, she wanted more. One centimeter added to 4.80 she couldn´t handle days ago, in Lievin 4.81 was easily defeated, it represented her season best. After that, she tried to beat the record of the competition, made by herself in 2005 with 4.91, but she unfortunately failed thrice.

Indeed, it is not the first time Isinbayeva tries to go a little higher successfully, an specific example; all the time she tried to handle 5.02m, until she withdrew and went behind 5.03, finally done on July, 11st. 2008.

Czarina was happy with her performance, he declared that her fitness has improved and competition had been successful. She also admitted in the middle of Olympic year, just victories report something, that´s why she tried step by step to perform better every time. She said her desire to achieve her third crown consecutively in the biggest competition in the world.

Images showed Isinbayeva was uninhibited and quite. She looked safe in her contest and made three clean jumps, she left the impression she already left behind three dark years since she made her last record in August. 2009.

Seeing her flying over 4.81 marked a milestone, she´s ranked as third in this season and tried to get 4.91; a medal height in any competition, seems like we are being witness of the return of the undisputed and unquestioned queen of the world pole vault.

But, she gotta keep on doing it and face goals to overcome. Her biggest obstacles in the previous season were outdoors where only registered 4.76m; indoor she scored 4.85.

Editorial: We would like to say «thanks» to Alfa77 for the translate.