yelenaisinbayeva51 Here are the questions we asked Yelena to answer today. I hope this helps you.


You have declared many times you have no idols in sport, but beyond the track. Is there something or someone who inspires Yelena Isinbayeva?

My parents inspire me and have always been a great example for me since I was a little girl. But I also get inspiration from my young fans and supporters. I am amazed by all the messages and words of encouragement that I received from people all over the world. That helps me when things are not going very good and when things are great.

  In 2010 you supported Russia’s bid to host World Cup 2018. Your speech was focused on highlighting the practice of sport among the ladies, showing as practical example, the achievements you have earned in athletics. What do you think about the legacy left by females through different sports.

Women have had many accomplishments in sport and done wonderful things. I think women will continue to have big roles in sport, in performances but also in development and the business of sport in the future. I was very proud and honored to be in the delegation to present to FIFA for the 2018 World Cup. For me that was special not only to represent my country, but also in my small way to help the team win this competition.

By the way, how big is the passion you feel for football. Once you declared «I love football», at that was very emotional really.

Yes of course I love to watch football when I have the time. I do not play the game myself, but when there is an important football match on television, of course I follow it. Perhaps when I stop as a professional athlete I will have more time to follow other sports.

When you jump, everything seems easy. It is gorgeous to see when you take the pole and then draw the leap into the air, however, a minimum technical error can cause a dangerous accident (such as that suffered Hanna Shelekh in Istanbul). Are not you afraid?

I do not watch others vault during the competition. I focus on myself. I prepare myself to do my best and I know if that is done then technically nothing should go wrong. So no, I am not afraid. I am confident in what I do.

Today, there is an important group of young athletes with interesting results. Do you feel as an influence (positive and inspiring)within ths global progress for girls pole vault?

Of course. I believe that the women’s pole vault is one of the most popular events in athletics now. I see many more talented athletes coming into the sport and of course I believe I helped to inspire them to try pole vault and I hope they can succeed in their dreams.

There is a Cuban Yarisley Silva, who also is included in this batch of athletes who have begun to emerge in the pole vault.Yarisley is also the first Cuban with international results in this difficult discipline. What do you think about the inclusion of Cuba among the countries with worldwide results. Something to say about Yarisley with which you have competed several times already?

It is very impressive to see Cuba now with pole vaulters. I have always known that Cuba has excellent athletes and very good coaching, so it could happen that the country could have vaulters to reach international levels. I expect that they will continue to improve the more Yarisley and others compete internationally at the championships but also the one day meetings.

Four world titles indoor, the latter achieved a few days ago to end a period of «drought» dating from August 18,2008. when one of those victories come; it always feels like if it were the first time, or Istambul became a special tite in your long list?

For me the title in Istanbul was like a mother expecting her baby. I knew I would win, but I had to wait and wait for my opportunity to step into the competition. And when I did my vault I knew it would happen. It was special to win. I know now the value of winning and do not take anything for granted. Me and my coach work very hard every day and I give a lot to be where I am and I am very thankful that I can do something that I very much enjoy.

The sky is the limit and your final season will be 2013. It really is the final goodbye announced for after 2013 season.

Yes, I will retire after the 2013 season. Nothing will change my mind.

Imagine that you have the chance to talk to young people group right now. What would be the message of Yelena Isinbayeva for the younger generation who are ready to build their lives?

My message would be for the youth of the world to follow their dreams, do not put limits on yourself, that you can do anything you want. I hope that I can inspire young people to do positive things in their lives and to make the right choices in life.
They say that in the world Impossible is nothing. Do you think so?

Sure. Again, no one should put limits on what they want to achieve. You need to have dreams and goals. And to have positive dreams to achieve something special I think is what we all should try to do. For me it has been to be the best in the world in pole vault and to be an Olympic champion. For someone else it may be to be a doctor, a teacher or explore the world. Don’t put limits on yourself.

I think you are aware that in America there are thousands of people who defy language barriers and distance to let you all their support. In Cuba, Isinbayeva is at the top of the preference of many people. Any final message for the fans of this part of the world?

I am very surprised by my popularity in Cuba, South America and in general this part of the world. I have not competed that much in this region, so for me it is quite a big surprise to know I have such wonderful fans and support. Thank you all my dear fans and I will continue to do my best for all of you. I cannot answer all the mails and messages that come to me, but when I have time to check messages and read some of the mails I am always so emotional that I have never met say such beautiful things and are so encouraging and wishing me the best. Thank you from my heart! Thank you!